• Who is OneLaw?

    OneLaw is a company which provides a variety of services to attorneys in the debt collection industry, who are instructed by several of the largest financial institutions in South Africa to recover unpaid debt.

    The Cambist Online Platform is developed, maintained and managed by OneLaw.

  • Who are the company directors and what is the company registration number?

    The sole shareholder and director of OneLaw is Corné Aldum.

    OneLaw (Pty) Ltd, registration number 1999/022818/07.


  • What type of product is Cambist?

    Cambist is a monthly income generating product, with 19.5% annual return achieved through the purchase of payment agreements.

  • Why is it called an Online Platform?

    The Cambist platform exists in cyberspace and buyers enter the platform electronically online, via an internet connection.

    All actions are completed electronically. Buyers decide which contracts to buy directly on the website and also pay for them online. In the event of a buyer wishing to regain his funds before the contract period expires, he may do so by selling his contracts (previously purchased on the platform) online.

    Cambist is not an investment platform. In other words, a person cannot invest in Cambist. Cambist simply provides a platform for the buying and selling of payment agreements.

  • Who benefits from the Cambist Online Platform?

    All parties benefit from the Cambist Online Platform.

    The original financial owner of the contract enjoys an immediate cash flow benefit by earning the outstanding capital faster, albeit at a discount.

    The attorneys enjoy the benefit of immediately earning their professional fees.

    OneLaw enjoys the benefit of immediately earning fees on the services it renders to the financial owners of the contracts.

    The Cambist buyer enjoys the opportunity to earn an effortless income on their acquired contracts.

    The position of the consumer/debtor remains unaffected.

  • What is the return on my input amount?

    You will receive 19.5% per year on the total outstanding amount of your contract portfolio.

  • What is the failure rate of emolument attachment order?

    According to the most recent actuarial calculations, the failure rate of emoluments attachment orders (EAOs) payment is 1.53%.

    A business trust safeguards capital and gains, and will refund the outstanding amount on a payment agreement after three (3) months of non-performance.

  • What are the details of the trust that buys back non-performing contracts?

    The River Bush Property Trust (registration number IT 574/10) safeguards the capital and gains of purchased payment agreements.

    The trust obligation is created when the agreement of sale is entered into. In other words, the trust has a legally binding contractual obligation towards the Cambist buyer.

    The trust is subject to standard auditing procedures, which are regulated. The trust is solvent, so as to ensure its ability to honour its obligations.

  • Are there any additional costs added to the debtor's debt during the court order process?

    The debtor remains liable for his debt and costs as per the court order.

    No additional costs are added to the debtor’s account as a result of the Cambist platform.

    The Cambist process does not affect the debtor’s position at all. The only change that occurs is that the repayment instalment made by the debtor’s employer is now paid over to the new financial owner of the contract.

    Legal fees are charged strictly in accordance with the National Credit Act and the Magistrates Court Act.

  • I am interested in participating in the Cambist Online Platform. What do I need to do now?

    The registration process is very simple and everything is done online.

    Simply log on to our Cambist Online Platform and take it from there!

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